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Featured Items in Lhasa


Tibetan carpet, knives, kardian, apron, folk costume, gold and silver jewelry as well as many other kinds of traditional handicrafts are all traditionally handmade with exquisite workmanship, beautiful shape, a strong local style and national characteristics as well.

Tips: if you buy a Tibetan knife, it is prohibited to take it on plane or make it consigned. However, you can deliver it through the post office. The one lies on the Middle Beijing Road near the north of the Barkhor Street is the General Post Office in Lhasa. Their speed of mailing is far faster than other small post offices.

Work of art:

Art galleries in Lhasa located in the main tourist attractions, especially in the front gate of Potala Palace and across the Lhasa Holiday Inn. There exhibit and sell not only oil painting, cloth painting, prints, watercolor, acrylic painting and ink painting but also Thangka, Buddha statues, art supplies, art tapestries, Tibet travel brochures, postcards, strange stones and wood as well as all sorts of handicrafts. But the price here is a little bit higher.

Tips here: it is recommended to buy Thangka at the “Zhuomeben” on the Tibetan Hospital Road, which the CCTV international channel had made an album about it. Besides, the “Snowfield Thangka Handicraft Shop” on the South Barkhor Street is also worthy of purchasing.

Tibetan medicine:

Tibetan medicine has long been enjoying tremendous popularity in the world including a variety of magical Tibetan medicines such as saffron, cordyceps, and lotus as well as the distinguished “Pearl Seventy”. The best place to purchase Tibetan medicine is the Tibet Hospital on the opposite side of the Jokhang Temple Square.

Vegetables & Fruit:

Zongjiaolukang Market next to the Potala Palace is a perfect place for purchasing fruit and vegetables since it is Lhasa’s largest food market.