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Monks and Nuns in Tibet

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A lot of people are quite courious about the life of the monks in Tibet.

"Monks and nuns who are within the range of the approved posts each will get a subsidy of 5,000 yuan for reconstructing their quarters," said Lobsang Jamcan, chairman of the regional government in a government work report two weeks ago.

Palden Donyo said that monks and nuns getting subsidies for building quarters was one of his proposals from last year.

This year, he submitted a proposal that the monasteries of Sakya and Tashilungpo in the Shigaze prefecture should apply for a place on the World Heritage list for protection and awareness.

"There were no self-immolations or riots among 46,000 monks and nuns over the past year," said Cheng Quanguo, Party chief of the Tibet autonomous region on the regional economics conferences recently.

"As part of the government's effort to lift the morale of monks, 10 branch Buddhism colleges were established within the region over the year," Palden Donyo said.

"Preferential measures such as free health checkups, low- income allowance, pensions and medical insurance are really helpful for monks and nuns," said Lobsang Sherab, a monk from Sangngak Monastery in Lhasa's Dagze county.