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Tibetans and the religion

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The religious belief is highly respected and fully peotected in Tibet. In Tibet it is not difficult to see prayer flags, Mani stones inscribed with Buddhist scriptures, and believers taking part in religious activities. Ordinary believers usually have a scripture hall or a Buddha shrine at home, and such religious activities as circumambulation while reciting scriptures.

Religions in Tibet have different stories due to its long history, but generally it is categorized by three main religions as Animism, Bon and Buddhism. The Animism subjects to the control of animistic forces by bards and storytellers, and Bon accentuates the purity of space, funerary rituals and certain meditative practices, that may have originated in either Zoroastrianism or Kashmiri Buddhism, and Buddhist is the means of liberation from the sufferings of cyclic existence as originated from ancient India by Shakyamuni Buddha or Gautama Buddha, so below here we introduce religions on the Tibet plateau based on the above three categories.