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Hundreds of Climbers Summited Everest from the North Slope this Spring

Xinhua News Agency Lhasa reported on June 6th(reporter Huang Xing) The Everest climbing activity of this Spring has been recently completed with more than a hundred climbers at home and abroad having achieved their dreams of climbing on “the top of the world.”
Zhang Mingxing, the director of Tibetan Mountaineering Management Center, has told reporter that the total number of climbers summited Everest from the north side is 102 among whom 14 Chinese participants has all summited. Another 19 people summited the 6th peak Mt. Cho Oyo.
It is described that Tibetan climbing division has sent nearly 100 staff with climbing service to guarantee personal security of climbers. According to Sang Zhu who commands the climbing activity, apart from the service of yak transport and road repairs for foreign mountaineering teams, they have also called foreign climbing teams to reach an agreement on sharing relevant materials and meteorological data, maintaining climbing order together.
Said Nyima, deputy director of Sports Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region, the Spring mountaineering activity of this year has come to a successful close. Many climbers realized their dream of climbing Everest and thought highly of this climbing service which reflected the constantly upgrading service and mountain rescue capability of Tibet.
Their professional degree has been improved.
It is said that all the climbing teams have pulled out of the Everest area presently.