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Maiden Flight of Himalaya Airlines Succeeded


The jointly invested and established Himalaya Airlines by Tibet Airlines Ltd. and Nepal Snowman Global Investment Company have successfully made its maiden flight on 12th April from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, to Colombo.

It is reported that Himalaya Airlines is the first air transport enterprise invested in Nepal by Chinese air transport enterprises. Its air base is located in Tripp Wan International Airport in Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal, concentrated on international flights to south Asia, China and Middle East, etc.

Based on their plans, the Himalaya Airlines will reach to the scale of 15 airplanes within 5 years and open up more routes from Southeast Asia, South Asia and Europe and transit through Kathmandu to Lhasa in order to create a fast international channel into and out of Tibet which will be conducive to international trade and personnel exchanges between Tibet and these areas, accelerating Tibetan construction of the world tourism destination.