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The 1st Artificial Wetland Project launched in Tibet


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A 1.3 million RMB pilot project was launched recently on sewage disposal as the first of its kind in Tibet, according to Tibet Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Department. The project calls for two artificial wetlands to be built in Lhundrup County and Maldrogungkar County near Lhasa, reported.

Wetland has long been known as "kidney of the earth", while artificial wetland serves a similar function as built and managed imitating the way natural wetland works. Specifically artificial wetland diverts sewage onto itself to allow a physical, chemical and biological collaboration between soil, plants, and microorganisms to get the water purified. 

Still under bidding and tender for the moment, construction of the two wetlands is expected to start before July 2014. A combined 1000 cubic meters processing capacity is to be achieved.