Travel Guide

Travel Guide

Tibet seems like a mystery lies in the corner of the world, but for the Buddhists, it lies in the center of the world. This magical land has a vast territory and few inhabitants, covered with snow-capped mountains, lush forests and turquoise holy lakes. Nowadays, visiting the “Roof of the World” is quite easy. Here are some refined advices for you like where to visit, when to start your tour, how to get to Tibet, what to pack, accommodation in Tibet...

Etiquettes and Customs

With unique culture and religion, Tibetans have different ways of behavior in many aspects. Respect local customs and traditions when traveling in Tibet. Just like the old saying: Sing the local songs when you get to a local place.

Etiquettes in Tibet
Do's & Don'ts
Wind Horse Flags-Prayer in the Wind
General Tibetan Customs

Food and Drink

You'll find various delicacies with unique ethnic flavor in Tibet. The high altitude and harsh climate made only a few crops could grow there. Tibetan cuisine is based primarily on toasted barley flour, wheat flour, mutton and beef.

Where to Eat in Tibet
Tibetan Food & Drink
The Characteristics of Tibet Cuisine
Staple Food

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