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Ginseng Fruit Rice with Yak Butter

Ginseng fruit rice with yak butter is also called “Zhuomazhesi” according to Tibetan language. At first, put the cooked ginseng fruit onto the surface of rice. Secondly, carefully sprinkle appropriate sum of sugar on it and evenly pour a spoonful of hot yak butter juice as well. Finally, this easy but delicious and also nutritious ginseng fruit rice with yak butter is done. This specialty is regarded as a kind of auspicious food by people living in Tibet that will only be used to treat guests in weddings or festivals in order to show respect to those distinguished guests and friends. On the grand Tibetan new year day, this ginseng fruit rice will be served in a small but exquisite container before a niche for Buddha.

Ginseng Fruit Rice.jpg

The ginseng fruit of snowy plateau refers to ever-young fruit according to its Tibetan name. The ginseng fruit can be said to be a sort of fruit containing abundant sugar, protein and amino acids as well as a variety of vitamins. Therefore, it has special effects of promoting production of body fluid and nourishing the lung as well as refreshing. Furthermore, ginseng fruit is also able to be used as medicine, bearing the medical effects of astringing intestinal and stanching bleeding, stopping cough and reducing phlegm, anti-tumor, strengthening heart function, treating diarrhea and tonic.