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Tibetan Breakfast, to Enjoy the Plateau Life

In addition to spend teatime at the sweet teahouse, it is also a good place for breakfast there. On every morning, people who are fond of sweet tea or Tibetan noodles will come to find a sweet teahouse for breakfast. The store will usually offer the guest with sweet tea first. The guest will chat with others around while tasting the sweet tea. The topics of their conversations are always attached to basic necessities of life. When the guests are chatting with each other, reeky Tibetan noodles will be served then. Take the bowl and drink a mouthful noodle soup, all the palates will be mobilized by the palatable soup.

The authentic Tibetan noodle soup is carefully boiled with yak bones. The unique flavor of yak bones has been integrated into the soup after stewed on small fire. Adding appropriate sauce to season a little, the delicious noodle soup is completed. On the surface of the yak bone soup floated a thin layer of oil, and the soup is uncommonly tasty with a strong fragrance. Perhaps, such rich soup can only be tasted on this plateau.

The Tibetan noodle is made of the unique highland barley flour that is peculiar to this area. Harvested highland barley after processed through peeling, grinding, kneading and suppressing will finally become the unique highland barley noodles. Although highland barley noodles don’t look so good from the appearance, the taste is however, surprisingly delicious. For the first mouth of the noodle, you will find that the slightly hard noodle is tough and chewy and the fragrance of highland barley will fill your mouth. After chewing again and again, you will then feel the noodle getting soft and tender that you will not be able to enjoy the same taste in another places.

When you are having the noodles, some hospitable shopkeepers will offer you some pickled vegetables that they made on their own. Watching the guests feasting on Tibetan noodles and self-made pickles, the boss himself will also get happy. Guests who enjoyed delicious food will in return ceaselessly praise the good taste of Tibetan noodles and pickles as well.

If you live long enough in Tibet, you will later find out that in addition to having sweet tea for breakfast, people here are also very fond of yak butter tea. Strong flavor will linger on in your memory once you have a try, and you will always want to try a second time. It is very cheap to have breakfast at a sweet tea house in Tibet. As for ordinary small tea house, the price of Tibetan noodles ranges at 5 or 6 Yuan. No matter which tea house you choose, it can be enough for breakfast only paying 15 Yuan.