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Karola Glacier

Karola Glacier, Gyantse area, shigatse, shannan, yamdrok lake

Located in the junction of Nanggarze County, Shannan Prefecture southeastern Tibet and Gyangze County, Xigaze Prefecture, southwestern Tibet, Karola Glacier is the glacier closest to a highway in Tibet. Lying in the northern section of the Himalayas, the Karola Glacier, with an area of 9.4 sq km, is only 300 m from a a road.

The Karola Glacier, one of Tibet's three major continental glaciers, is located on the boundary of Langkatse and Gyantse counties. Around 71 km from Gyantse, it's situated to the north of the main peak of Karola Mountain.

At 5,560 m (18,241 ft) above sea level, and with an area of 9.4 sq km,this imposing glacier is visible from the highway which links Lhasa and Shigatse.

With gentle slopes towards the top of the glacier giving way to hanging glacier forms below, it's a spectacular sight, especially in the sunlight when it shines a brilliant white.

If that's not enough, the scenery also makes it well worth the journey, with black rocks contrasting starkly with the surrounding snow-capped peaks.