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What to Pack for a Tibet Tour

Tibet tour is on the way, but have you packed up properly for this unique adventure? A great many travelers harbor an almost superstitious fear for Tibet, so they always want to pack as much equipment as possible so as to make their trip safer. As a matter of fact, carrying a heavy backpack will aggravate the burden on your plateau travel. On the contrary, it is strongly recommended to travel light! Keep the principle of carrying goods that are portable but practical. Before going to the “pure land” in your hearts, here is a relatively considerate and comprehensive traveling strategy about packing we collected for you.

what to pack for a tibet tour

First and foremost, under the premise of sufficiency, luggage taken to Tibet ought to be the less the better. Classically, backpack of 45 liters’ weight is enough for the trip. If you are going to be involved in a number of outdoor camping activities, you may prepare a large backpack and a smaller one used for daily activities which can be put into the large one when necessary. What’s more, a waist bag can be taken to hold some of your important documents and property.

As for clothing, dress for warmth like some down garments and in layers that can be easily added or removed as there are considerable temperature differences within a day in Tibet. Take Lhasa as an example, the temperature in July arrives at 30 degrees centigrade in daytime, but falls to 10 degrees centigrade at night. Besides, known as the land of snow, Tibet may experience the winter all year round with low temperature there, even in the hottest months with the highest temperature is 4-5 degrees centigrade in northern Tibet (July and August), so the cold-proof clothes are always necessary when traveling to Tibet. If you intend to travel to Tibet in July and August, it’s advisable to pack waterproof clothing and raingear with you since it’s the raining season of Tibet and rains nearly every day.

It’s very wise of you to bring a windbreaker and a suit of underwear helpful for sweat releasing in case that you go hiking or climbing in Tibet. In the wild, sweat sticking to our body can be very troublesome on account of taking away our heat very fast, which is utterly perilous. In addition, a pair of breathable, warm-keeping, water-proof and comfortable shoes is highly recommended to hikers and people who travel far. Hard sole together with high uppers hiking boots are the optimum selection possessing advantages such as prevent sand getting into, not easy to fall off when go through the muddy ground, and functioning well in water-proofing and warm-keeping, and sturdy sneakers, or walking shoes are also alternative. Furthermore, you’d better dress in dark colored clothes on account of dusty and dirty road outside of Lhasa. Women should avoid skirts or dresses.

Owing to high altitude and thin atmosphere, the solar radiation is considerably intensive in Tibet, as well as extraordinarily strong ultraviolet rays. We advise you to take the sunglasses, sunhat and suntan lotion, high SPF sunscreen cream, lip balm etc. to against intense sunlight and dry weather. The point to notice is that not all of the sunglasses are suitable. Choose the sunglasses with UV filtering function, might better 100% UV filtering sunglasses. Wearing a sunhat can also protect you effectively from being exposed to the scorching sunlight. If necessary, try to wear long-sleeve clothes when you walk under the sun.

So as for medicine, it is a must for travelers to Tibet. In order to prevent and alleviate symptom caused by high altitude, tourists can take some medicine such as Diamox. Pills for cold, headache, stomachache, diarrhea, nausea, insect bite, etc. such as multivitamins, Aspirin, Diphenoxylate and Prochlorperazine together with Band-aids or other wound dressings are also indispensable. As for people who are sensitive to chilly or freezing weather conditions, you’d better bring you with nasal ointment and throat lozenges. Lastly, please consult your doctor prior to your Tibet tour!

Except what have mentioned above, travel canteen can also be included in your package. Water in Tibet is very pure, and some even can be directly consumed. On the plateau, often within dozens of kilometers can’t see anyone or any house. Hence, it is useful to keep a kettle with you. When it comes to the sleeping bags, one with 1 kilograms of eiderdown is warm enough, but it need to contain over 80% of the velvet, which is not much larger than a big bottle of coke after compressed. A solar flashlight is also necessary as some guesthouses at remote areas don’t even have power at night and in case of power cut. And daily articles such as a cup, a small towel, a toothbrush, toothpaste and slippers should be carried, too. Additionally, a camera will help you to memory the charming scenery and mysterious culture deeply.

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