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Our first tourist celebrated birthday in Tibet this year



For a lot of people, Tibet is special, a must visit place one their bucket list.  

Maybe because of the pure natural ecological environment itself can get you away from the noisy city life. Maybe because of the majestic nature and the vast space could bring you spiritual immunity and purify your minds.

Also you can see the temples, scriptures, monks, praying wheels and prayer flags everywhere. These symbols make people feel the sacred power of religion. 

Another reason is people know little about Tibet, that gives it another feature of “the mystery of distance” .

Visiting Tibet is a “big deal” for many people. It requires plans and pre-arrangements, since you can not do a spontaneous trip to Tibet just as it jump into your mind. 

It takes about 20 days for the Tibet permit application procedures. Before that, the guests would been busy with applying for visas, buying international flights or flight / train tickets into and out of Tibet. Many guests even contact us one or two years ahead their trip.

As we know, Tibet would close the border for all foreign tourists in March every year. In late March, The Tibet tourism bureau would start issue the Tibet permit, but still the earliest possible date to visit Tibet would be 1st April. 

With our professional help it's actually not that hard, we can make your Tibet trip come true.

Among our guests, there are tourists who do the harsh trekking at Mt. Kailash to send prayers for their deceased family members; also tourists who spend their unforgettable birthday at the Everest Base Camp; also couples to celebrate their anniversary; or newly wedded husband and wife to spend their honeymoon here.

The significance meanings of Tibet makes it unique. So people are willing to link their lives with this magical place.

These special days are very precious for them, more importantly, they choose to spend those days in Tibet with us. I believe when they end their tour in Tibet and return home, whenever they think of those days, the red and white walls of Potala Palace, the kneeling sacred goats at Jokhang Temple, the debate session at Sera Monastery, the unbelievably beautiful sky and the friendly local Tibetans. 

As their travel agency, we feel the big responsibility and hope everyone who willing to go to Tibet can fulfill their dreams. We will try our best to arrange the tours that do not disappoint the tourists who trust us. 

This year is the same, our tourists continued coming to Tibet from 1st April. And we welcomed our first tourist who spent the birthday here in 2018. As her travel agency which arranged the tour for her, we also express our blessings and appreciate in our way.

Thank you for choosing Tibet to spend your birthday, thank you for choosing us to arrange the trip for you. Hope your birthday memories will be accompanied by our sweet greetings.

Birthday cake for tourist in Tibet

Birthday cake for tourist in Tibet

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