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Potala Annual Tourists Capacity Over 9 Billion



Reporters were informed by the Potala Palace Management Office that the world-famous scenic spot-Potala Palace have received more than 9 billion visitors.

The price of Potala Palace tickets is implemented the high season and low season system while the low season is from each November 1st to the next April 30th charging 100 RMB for each person and the high season charges 200 RMB per one from every May 1st to October 31st. Domestic students with bachelor degree or below, disabled visitors, enlisted soldiers and teachers together with the seniors over 60 years old are able to enjoy the half of the price if carried with relevant certificates. Furthermore, children below 1.2 meters height are free charged to visit the Potala Palace.

Responsible person from the Management Office of Potala Palace reminded that with the gradually warmed weather in Tibet, there are an increasing number of tourists visiting Potala Palace at present. Whenever it is peak season of Tibet, the Potala Palace will implement the tourist limitation and since then, the tickets of Potala Palace were like gold dust so that people will commonly have to wait for some days to get the tickets. Therefore, tourists are strongly suggested to prepare their Tibet travel plan.

The Potala Palace, usually reputed as “Pearl of the Roof of the World,” has a long history of roughly more than 1300 years, being a grand architecture integrated with palaces, castles and temples and enjoying the highest elevation as well all over the world.

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