116 A-ranked Tourism Sites in Tibet open to travelers for free till end of April



For a lots of tourists, visiting Tibet is one of their life goal. In their opinion, Tibet is so far, so remote, so different.

The government and the Tourism Bureau in Tibet also want more people come and know more about Tibet, welcome the tourists from all over the world, and take the beauty, the culture and the unique experience back to your country.

In the morning of 31 January, 2018, the Tibet autonomous region held a news conference titled “Travel to Tibet in winter and explore the third pole of the earth”

It announced that Tibet will implement a series of preferential policies to Tibet travelers during the period from February 1, 2018 to April 30th.
Including the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Mount Everest, Nam Co, the scenic spots will be free of charge and open to all tourists!

For those people who does not know about Tibet, this is a big promotion, for people who always looking for a chance to visit Tibet, this is a big saving. 

The tourism sites mentioned below all free of charge: 

Lhasa Area:
Potala PalaceJokhang Temple, Norbulingka Summer Palace, Yak Museum, Sera Monastery, Dezong Hot Spring, Canggu nunnery, Thousand-Buddha Cliff, Tsha-Tsha Rock Cultural Museum, Namtso Lake.

Shannan Area:
Samye Monastery, Mindrolling Monastery, Lajali Royal Palace, Yamdrok Lake, Lebu Valley, Yumbu Lakang Palace, Tradruk Temple, Kajiu Temple, Dreku Lake.

Shigatse Area:
Palcho Monastery, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Mt. Everest National Nature Reserve, Sakya Monastery, Ancient Sakya City, Milariba Meditation Cave, Jifu Valley, Pengcuolin Temple, Paba Temple, Qiangqin Temple, Kaga Hot Spring, Ngor Monastery, Ganden Quguo Monastery, Karola Glacier, Rela Yongzhonglin Temple, Pala Manor, Engong Temple, Tahi Jipei Temple, Shalu Temple, Narthang Monastery, Ya Dong Ga Monastery, Lhatse Qude Monastery, Angen Qude Monastery, Rere Zhude Temple, Canzuolin Temple, Niguo Temple, Naining Temple, Zhasang Temple, Sewu Temple, Zangzha Temple, Simila Mountain Pass, Ouqu Mountain, Rijia Temple, Gang-gyan Monastery, Samzhu Quding Temple, Yadong zensang Temple, Zhabu Temple, Sengdu Temple, XiongXiong Temple, Laza Temple, Dana Monastery, Zidong Qude Monastery, Relong Temple, Pasuo Temple.

Ngari Area:
Mt. Kailash & Manasrovar Lake, Khorzhak Monastery, Pangong Tso, Tholing Monastery, Piyang-Donggar, Zhari Namco, Khyung Lung Dngul Mkhar.

Nyingchi Area:
Pagsum Lake, Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon, Lulang Forest, Nanyi Valley, Kading Buddha Waterfalls, Niyang Pagoda.

Chamdo Area:
Mangkang Salt Field, Galden Jampaling Monastery, Riwoche Monastery, Zizhu Temple, Duola Fairy Mountain, Yiri Valley, North Ridge of Meili Snow Mountain, Mang Co Lake, Jirong Gorge, Butuo Lake, Latuo WetLand, Rakwa Tso, Zuomalang Tso.
(Tips: Currently, only Drepung MonasterySera Monastery and Palcho Monastery require entrance fees. And the actual entrance ticket policy is subject to local implementation of the preferential ticket policy.)

Kind reminder: 
Traditionally Tibet tour is not available for international tourists in entire March. From April, 1, Tibet travel reaches its high season till the late of October. From Nov to around mid- Feb is the winter tourist season for Tibet tour.

People always ask when is the best time to visit Tibet, trust me, the best time is always, now! 

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