Nyingchi Peach Blossom Culture Tourism Festival starts on March 29th



Nyingchi Peach Blossom Culture Tourism Festival started in 2002. With the successful completion of the past years, the 16th year of Peach Blossom Festival is coming in 2018. 

The peach blossoms in Nyingchi are like the beautiful plateau red on the face of the Tibetan girls. Although the mountains are still in winter silver makeup

The stunning scenery make people appreciate the most romantic and beautiful spring of Tibet, not like the beauty of the expansive magnificent plateau and mountains. Nyingchi has a name of "Jiangnan in the snow area" due to the mild climate and weather.

Every year there will be a grand "celebration opening ceremony". "Love you, see peach blossoms in Nyingchi", "meet Nyingchi, seek the most beautiful spring" photography exhibition, photo collection, and the "Gong Bu chomma" Such wonderful activities. In addition, in October, the Nyingchi region will also hold the largest and most popular "yaruzangbo Grand Canyon Cultural Tourism Festival".

The solar calendar of November (October 1st of Tibetan Calender) is Gongbu Tibetan new year. Inviting the homeless dogs for a nice meal, eating Tibetan food called “Dajie”, all family members gather together for a nice meal, worship goddess of the harvest and other folk activities are held during the festival celebration.

In addition, there are unique new year entertainment activities such as singing, dancing, wrestling, stone holding, tree cutting, horse racing and archery. And every March, when the first peach blossom in Tibet begins to bloom in Nyingchi, as the most important part of Tibet's tourism, the "Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival" will be held in Nyingchi.

In March, Nyingchi became a sea of flowers although it’s still a bit cold. The peaks of the distant snow contrast with the beautiful blossom peach flowers and the blue sky. Nothing can ever compare the breath taking scenery.

Tibet wild peach trees are usually tall, have sturdy trunks, imposing like lush indus. Peach blossoms are smaller, mostly pink or deep red, flowers of the wild peach trees not as big  as peach blossoms in other areas in China, but with high density, tens of thousands flowers cluster together become magnificent scenery. 

Nyingchi Gala peach blossom village is the best place to enjoy peach blossoms in March. On the hillsides of the Niyang River, the peach forest and the wheat field are reflected in each other.

The Nyingchi peach blossom gully surrounded by mountains, with streams falling down from the top of the mountain, and the wild peach trees on the edge of the river, we can even say it is fairyland on earth. In Nyingchi, the Tibet Nyingchi matsutake culinary Festival and the bassoon folk culture tourism festival make hundreds of thousands of tourists away from the hustle and bustle of the city, watch the folks sing and dance, get a close touch with the folk customs.

Taste the gluttonous feast of the Nyingchi matsutake, enjoy the festivities and nature scenery. Lingering around, you may indulge in pleasure and forget home and duty. 

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