The Everest Museum starting to construct in Tingri County, Shigatse




As is known to all, the museum pattern taking Tibet Museum as the leading part with the Treasure Hall of the Potala Palace, Tibetan Resident Minister’s Office Site Museum, Yonten Qun Pei Memorial Hall and other local museums as the bulk has been shaped recently.

On the morning of May 18th, bright flags waving and machine rumbling on the North Xuebao Road, the Everest Museum was under construction here in Tingri , Shigatse. The completion of the Everest Museum will fill the vacancy of Tibet Museum centering on Everest culture.

The Everest Museum started building in Tingri yesterday.

Museum is more a development context recording than a history memory of a nation. You can see thousands of years of historical vicissitude of Tibet in various museums. Besides, visitors can observe the footprint of the Tibetan emergence, development and precipitation at close hand. That is to say, the inheritance and dissemination of Tibetan culture will be managed from all aspects.
In recent years, with the continuously increasing popularity of visiting Tibet, more and more tourists to Tibet is going to Tingri, Shigatse to appreciate the grandeur of the highest mountain Everest and feel the most charming Gama Valley, experiencing the splendid culture represented by Luoxie. To preserve and inherit excellent and unique traditional culture, promote the construction of ecological civilization and the development of cultural tourism, local government of Tingri decided to build the Everest Museum. On May 18th, the 40th International Museum Day, the Everest Museum is being built in Tingri County.

Total investment up to 41.8457 million RMB
Possessing Tibetan style and special regional cultural features

It is understood the Everest Museum construction project is funded by Tingri local government. The position of this project located on the west of North Xuebao Road with its land use being 21.77802 thousand square meters. Currently, the Everest Museum is the largest county-class museum in Shigatse which possesses a total construction area of 6.95792 thousand square meters with its gross investment up to 41.8457 million RMB.

The Everest Museum is of strong traditional Tibetan style and special regional cultural features. The overall building is divided into five storeys with one layer underground. After its completion, it will become a cultural and artistic base comprised of collection, exhibition, scientific research and education where tourists can appreciate the profound cultural heritage of the Everest here and have a further understanding of the Mount Everest National Nature Reserve and traditional living habits and clothes, local customs and practices, Tingri Luoxie, the specimens of plant and animal, and Everest fossils in the Everest National Park.


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