Tibet Permit Application Online

Tibet Permit can only be issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa, and the following information is needed when travel agency submits the application:

  1. The arrival and the departure date of your Tibet trip
  2. The entry city and the exit city of your Tibet trip
  3. The brief itinerary of your Tibet trip

Tibet Permit Application Form

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Your Tibet Tour Plan
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Please advise your brief plan of Tibet tour: such as when to come, where to visit, prefer a private tour or group tour, etc.

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1. If you fly to Lhasa from Kathmandu, please inform us in advance. The China Visa and Tibet Permit application procedure is different.
2. Should your travel partner fly into Lhasa from different city, please let us know before we do the permit application.
3. Diplomats and Journalists shall travel to Tibet through the arrangement of foreign administration office, travel agency is not authorized to handle.
4. The permit application takes about 15-25 work days depending on where you plan to travel in Tibet.