Know Before You Go

Tibet is a plateau region in Asia northeast of the Himalayas, there are lots of spectacular places for you to explore. As the highest region on Earth, Tibet has an average elevation of 4,900 meters (16,000 ft). Getting well prepared is very necessary before visiting Tibet. Here you will find a broad range of information including transportation, packing, accommodation, etc. This would help you prepare a safe and enjoyable journey to the mysterious holy land of Tibet.

What Clothes Should be Prepared for a Tibet Tour What Clothes Should be Prepared for a Tibet Tour
Tibet lies in the high-altitude region, performing a completely different climate from the inland China. What should people wear if they are traveling to Tibet harasses a good many travelers.
Money Matters Money Matters
This page tells you some practical information of what currency is used in Tibet, which banks are available for money exchange, where you can find ATM, and etc.
Travel Insurance Travel Insurance
We offer travel insurance for tourists during the trip in Tibet.
What to Pack What to Pack
This page goes over the essentials of what to pack from home for a Tibet trip, including altitude sickness medicine, skin care products, and etc.
Train to Tibet Train to Tibet
Travelling to Tibet train can be a wonderful experience of riding the world's highest railway. The Tibet train journey is full of countless breathtaking scenery.
Flight to Tibet Flight to Tibet
Flight is the easiest way to get to Tibet with just a few hours from China mainland or from Nepal.
Hotel & Lodging Hotel & Lodging
You can find recommended Tibet hotel options from budget to luxury class.
Chinese Visa for Tibet Travel Chinese Visa for Tibet Travel
In this article, you’ll get the details on the introduction of different types of Chinese visa, and how to apply for a Chinese Visa for a trip to Tibet.