What Clothes Should be Prepared for a Tibet Tour


Tibet lies in the high-altitude region, performing a completely different climate from the inland China. What clothes should be prepared for a Tibet tour harasses a good many travelers. Here in this article will we introduce to you dressing tips in Tibet of a whole year. Tourists who are going to travel to Tibet will always feel puzzled over what clothes should they put on. Here below will we start from the dressing guide in different times and various scenic spots to help you out.

Spring in Tibet (March-May):
Generally speaking, the visitors entering Tibet in this season aiming for peach blossoms of Nyingchi. In this season, the weather in Tibet is still slightly chill. Since it is a trip outside, there must be a lot of actions. Consequently, it is suggested to wear some loose sportswear or casual clothes. As for shoes, light and comfortable shoes are the most suitable choose. If you want to visit Tibet in spring, you can pack up your thick cotton jackets together with a suit of general thermal underwear and add chill-cool inside of your sweatpants. The material of your underwear would better be pure cotton which makes you feel comfortable and can also absorb sweat.

Summer in Tibet (June-August):
It is the tourist season to visit Tibet during this time. Sunny weather as well as comfortable temperature make this season the best time to visit Tibet. In Lhasa City, you can wear long sleeved T-shirt matched with casual pants during the day. Besides, the Namtso has thawed then. A growing population hikes through Ali areas and Medog. But if you will go these high altitude districts, you would better take with sweaters, down jacket and other warm clothes for in these regions, the temperature at night may drop down to below a few degrees. In addition, it is suggested to wear high-top outdoor shoes.

Autumn in Tibet (September-November):
In autumn, the scenery in Tibet is uncommonly beautiful that you can view a variety of colors rained down from the mountains. There is also a great many of tourists hiking through Ali and Medog.

Winter in Tibet (December-next February):
Tibet at this time is like a sleeping child in the bud, reflected a serene and quiet beauty. Visitors entering Tibet at this time just want to appreciate the style of snowy plateau and enjoy the warm sunshine here. During this season, the road to some places like Ali, Medog and Namtso will be blocked due to heavy snow. Therefore, it is actually not suitable for tourism in winter. It is a very pleasant thing to sun bath at the Jokhang Temple Square. In the early morning and at night, the temperature will drop down to several degrees below zero, which means you should put on sweaters and down jackets. Thick sports pants as well as warm long johns are enough to resist the cold winter of Tibet. For shoes, it is appropriate to wear cotton and moisture resistant hard bottom shoes.

Some of the above guidelines on clothes packed to Tibet must do some favor for you. Generally speaking, it is neither stuffy not hot in Tibet during summer. There you can feel a comfortable body feeling and so it is suitable for avoiding summer heat. In winter, there isn’t bone-chilling wind in the northern China or bleak weather in the south of China. Sunbathing in Lhasa during the cold winter is a kind of special happiness.

1. The sun in summer there has particularly strong ultraviolet rays and extremely dry air. So you should take enough measures to protect your skin.
2. There is a relatively large difference in the overall temperature in the day and during the night. Hence, it is a must to do a good job in the prevention of colds.
3. Visitors who are frail and sensitive to chill should appropriated add clothing.
4. July and August are the rainy season in Tibet. As a result, hiking tourists should guard against landslides, debris flows and other natural disasters.

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