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As a rule, travel light. Heavy baggage will weaken you on the plateau. While carrying a light pack will ease your trip, make it more comfortable and let you fully enjoy the pleasures of traveling. Our Travel Packing Checklist below goes over the essentials that are worth bringing from home. 


• Never forget your valid visa and passport, your identity card, as well as maybe some of your certificate photos and other important documents or materials needed for your travel. Put them into a sturdy and waterproof bag and have them readily available.
• Do not forget any tickets you bought or booked in advance, for planes, trains or ships, and other admission tickets.
• Some paper, a pen, notebook and memo book could be handy. Remember to bring a phone/address list of your families, relatives and friends in case of an emergency.
• Make a card with your personal information on, including your full names, nationality, home phone and address, in case you are ever in trouble.
• Bring your printed itinerary. A guidebook is also helpful for you to know more about your destinations and will save time when traveling.
Clothes, Shoes, Bags 

Situated high above sea level, Tibet has fairly cold weather even in the summer. It is much colder at night than the daytime. In some areas, it even snows all through the year. Take warm clothes for backup, such as down garments. You may need them sometime, e.g. in the early morning, late in the evening, at the altitude 5000m higher, at the Everest Base Camp.
Waterproof clothing and raingear are highly recommended if you come to Tibet in July and August because it rains frequently during this period.
Do not forget a pair of durable and comfortable shoes. The main roads in Tibet are fine, but we may do extensive walking; besides the cobbled road will be more common off the main road. It is very important to have a strong comfortable pair of boots. Lightweight boots are fine, but Tibet can be wet sometime, so make sure your shoes fit well and are suitable for cold and puddles. You should also have a pair of comfortable and tough sandals.
As for bags, the good match could be a large backpack/suitcase (to carry clothes and etc,) + a small backpack (for daily activities) + a waist bag (important things, such as documents, money, and keys)

Take an adequate supply of any prescription medication you use regularly, including inhalers for asthma. Most over-the-counter medicines, such as aspirin and anti-diarrheal pills, are available in Lhasa, but are more difficult to obtain outside of urban areas. If you wear contact lenses, be sure to bring enough cleaning solution for the term, since this is hard to find, and expensive. Bring diamox pills, which are believed to prevent the altitude sickness. Please consult your doctor prior to your travel to Tibet. Besides, it would be wise to bring medicine for cold, head ache, stomach ache, and insect bite and so on.
Skin Care 

On the plateau, the wind is very strong, so is the solar radiation. It is very useful to take skin care products, such as lip balms, sun block, and skin creams. Sunglasses and hats can also protect you effectively from being exposed to the scorching sunlight. Please pay much attention to this advice. Many people just neglect it and are seriously burnt on the trip.
Money & Cards

Cash is king in Tibet, and the currency here is the renminbi (RMB) or yuan. Also, credit cards are becoming increasingly popular and are accepted in most hotels, shops and restaurants as well as in many supermarkets. However, cards are generally not accepted for causal expenses. Carrying a reasonable amount of cash to pay for drinks, snacks, buses, taxis and small souvenirs or other small purchases is therefore a sensible precaution. ATMs are available in larger cities such as Lhasa & Shigatse, while otherwise, cash will be the best to take along. Learn more about Money Matters in Tibet. 
Electricity Adaptor

Make sure you understand the difference between a plug adapter and a power converter. If your plug is not the right shape but rated for 110 to 220 volts, you just need an adaptor to get your plug to physically fit in the wall. If your appliance is rated for 110 volts only and you want to plug it in, you will need a power converter which gives you the right voltage and amperage for your appliance. 
Personal Articles 

You will regret not bring a camera to record your trip. An electric torch is also necessary as some hotels don't even have power at night and sometimes you may have to travel early in the morning.
Hotels in some areas are very simple. You should take with you a cup, a small towel, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and slippers. It is not very convenient to wash clothes, so disposable underpants will help you a lot.
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