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Going to the east from Bayi Town and passing through the mountain pass of Serjila, Lulang forest stands in front of you. With an elevation of 3700 meters, located in mountains and forests, Lulang Forest is a typical plateau-mountain-meadow, 15km long and 1km wide, mainly composed of bushes and thick spruces and pine trees with a meadow in middle.

Lulang means “Loong King Valley” in Tibetan language, or “a place that will make you forget your home”. It is located by the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, about 80 km from Nyingchi County. 

The landscape is particularly beautiful with snow mountains, glaciers, primitive forest, villages and rivers. The species of tree and vegetation are rich here with a large number of birds resting and living within the forest.

Tibet is a real natural museum of plants, hosting the genes of numerous plant species, which form a showcase of the entire Asian plant life. 

Known as a fairyland where gods live in with scenic beauties, it has special breathtaking scenery in every season. In Spring, it is of full-brown azaleas all over the forest, which attracts swarms of birds.In summer, the flowers blossom, golden wheat waves are formed with wind; in autumn and winter, the leaves of trees in the mountain foot become green, then yellow and red. The snow capped mountains and glaciers silently lie in the distance. 

In Summer, you can see golden wheat waves with freshing breezes in Lulang Forest. In Autumn, the leaves all turn yellow and then red except the evergreen pines. In Winter, snow falls on the forest as well as the on the glaciers. You will get lost in the fairy tale. The clouds constantly change their shapes above Lulang Forest. Sometimes they are like galloping horses or leisure yaks. 
The local people scatter on the meadow in Lulang Forest together with the wild animals form a dreamy paradise where the immortals live in. 
Spend a few days here, get yourself lost in the wonderland, exlore the "Swizerland in Tibet". 


The Stone Pot-Cooked Chicken is a famous feature of Lulang's signature cuisine. The stone pots for cooking were made by the locals using whole stones. The Stone Pot-Cooked Chicken uses local chickens, and adds some Tibetan medicines and palm ginseng to taste delicious. Generally, there are also vegetables as side dishes besides chicken. Learn more about Stone Pot-Cooked Chicken in Nyingchi.


Lulang's special local products are related to the forest and the stone pot, such as wild palm ginseng, tricholoma matsutake, cyclobalanopsis and boletus. The price of fungi varies with different seasons and is usually available in small shops on the streets. If you want to buy a stone pot to cook your own stone pot chicken, you need to make a reservation in advance with the local stone maker, the price is about 1500-2000 CNY.

Travel Tips

Scenic spot type: Natural Reserve 
The best season: all year around
Suggested travel duration: half a day 
Entrance ticket fee: 90 CNY
Open time: 07:00-18:00 
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