Tibet Facts

Learn some basic knowledge about Tibetan people, custom and history will make your tour more enjoyable, then you will not be puzzled when visiting dazzling Tibetan monasteries and palaces. There is an old saying: "Sing the local songs when you get to a local place." The unique culture and religion, not only shown on the fabulous Thangka, delicate art, exotic Tibetan opera, also the Tibetans have different ways of behavior in many aspects.

Saga Dawa Festival in Tibet Saga Dawa Festival in Tibet
According to Tibetan calendar, April 15th is the day for a special festival of Tibetan people-Saga Dawa Festival, referring to one of Tibetan 28 constellations. It is the most distinctive festival during spring season in Tibet.
Three Major Dialects in Tibet Three Major Dialects in Tibet
The Tibetan language in general can be divided into three dialects including the U-Tsang dialect, Kham dialect and Amdo dialect in all. The so-called Kham Tibetans, Amdo Tibetans and U-Tsang Tibetans are divided according to the three major dialects.
Tibetan Nomads Tibetan Nomads
Tibetan people are an ancient nomadic nationality, having long lived a nomadic life in their history. Therefore, nomadic culture has also played an important role in Tibetan traditional cultures.
Tibetan Festivals Tibetan Festivals
This page introduces some most important Tibetan festivals such as Tibetan New Year, Butter Lamp, Saga Dawa, Shoton festivals and celebration date contrast.
Tibetan Arts Tibetan Arts
This page tells about some typical Tibetan art and culture.
The People of Tibet The People of Tibet
This page tells about Tibetan people’s characteristics, tradition, religious believes, ways of living, and etc.
Ethnic Religions Ethnic Religions
Learn more about Tibetan religion and culture before traveling to Tibet.
Lhasa Heritage Hotels Lhasa Heritage Hotels
We list some Tibetan traditional hotel recommendations for your consideration.
Geography of Tibet Geography of Tibet
This page tells about Tibet's peculiar geological features, magnificent natural scenery, splendid ethnic culture and characteristic local customs and practices.