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Native Products in Tibet
Aweto As the name suggests, aweto is a kind of worm in winter, while, in summer, it turns into a kind of grass. Aweto is a good tonic, also an ideal remedy of treating long-time cough & weakness, asthma, sputum with blood, ache of knees & waist as well as impotence & emission. The tonic also has a great potential of preventing & fighting against cancer and promoting beings' immuning capability.
Direction: It is fit to be braised with chicken or duck, also suitable to be dunked into wine.

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Snow Lotus Flower Growing in the snowy area with an altitude of 3500-5000 meters northeast Tibet, the natural pure wild Snow Lotus Flower is an antipyretic & detoxicating medicine, and usually used to get rid of rheumatism, complete subsidence of a swelling, stop ache, enrich the blood, warm uterus, cure impotence, recover weak kidney as well.

Usage: 50g of Snow Lotus Flower and 500ml of wine mix together for a period of ten days. A drinking of everyday 30-50ml is appropriate. Also you can take 9-15g Snow Lotus Flower for boiling, drinking the flower extract will benefit you. If you are wounded, just grind the flower into flour and apply the flour to your wound.

Tibetan Safflower: Used to invigorate the circulation of blood, stop ache, cool blood, enrich the blood, etc.It has a good curative effect on haematemesis, macula, warm blood, amenorrhoea, postpartum hemorrhage and bellyache as well as injuries from falls.

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Red Orpin: mainly functions as an antipyretic and a medicine of reducing phlegm. Tibetan Red Orpin can invigorate the circulation of blood and stop bleeding, having two-way regulation function of nerve system and internal system. It is also characterized by anti-caducity, anti-fatigue and intellectual promotion. Outer applications involve in injuries from falls and scald.

Tibetan Mushroom: Diuretic and water -excreting medicine.
Pearl Seventy (Qishi): The Tibetan nostrum consists of 70 rear medicinal materials such as pearl, Tibetan Red Flower, bezoar, etc. It can be able to soothe the nerves, adjust blood pressure, and mainly used to cure paralysis, falling sickness and dottiness.

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Changjue: Tibetan nostrum
Principal composition: Tibetan red flower, muskiness and other tens of rare Tibetan medicinal materials
Functions: cure chronic gastricism and gastric ulcer
Aweto Health-Preserving Pill: Mainly consists of tens of precious medicinal material such as aweto, palm ginsheng, fruit of Chinese magnolia vine, etc. The pill can prevent arteriosclerosis, lower blood fat and so on.
Twenty-Five-flavor Coral Pill: made of coral, mother-of-pearl, bird's sternum, liquorice agate, Tibetan red flower, muskiness and other rare natural Tibetan medicinal materials.
Functions: Twenty-Five-Flavor Coral Pill is applied to such diseases as high pressure, cerebral concussion, neurasthenia, hemicrania, falling sickness, dizziness ,especially, it has outstanding treatment effect on cerebral diseases and nerve headache.


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