Travel to Tibet in August

Past Weather Data of Tibet in August

Temperature: Though it cannot be described typically hot. August is the hottest month in Tibet. During the month, the average temperature in most parts of Tibet ranges from 10-22℃( 50-71.6°F ), including Lhasa, Shigatse, Shannan, Nyingchi; while in the remote regions of Ngari and Nagqu, the average low at night can drop below freezing when the daily average can still reach 22℃. Generally it is warm and pleasant to tour Tibet in August, and you just need to prepare for the slightly crisp night.

Rainfall: July and August contribute 52% of the rainfalls of Tibet in a year. According to historical data, August has the highest rainfall, with the average precipitation of 130 mm, because most parts of Tibet are under the influence of monsoon. For the two aridest prefectures, Ngari, in the west end, and Nagqu, in the northernmost, where the annual average precipitation is less than 100mm, though it enters the depth of rainy season, it is still far from being wet and humid.

Note based on Rainy Season:

1) The ample rainfall might put a damper on your outdoor activities, such as visiting Mount Everest and Mount Namcha Barwa, because the lingering mist and clouds might veil the peaks.

2) Disaster Hazard: The roads crossing through the mountains and valleys along State 318 Highway from Sichuan to Tibet can run into higher chances of landslide and bad road ponding. So, even though the newest policy has allowed the opening of the overland tour from Sichuan to Tibet. It is not advisable to take this road trip during July or August.

Sunrise Time: The earliest sunrise is at 05: 15am on August 1st, and the latest sunrise is at 5:30am on August 31st.

Sunset Time:The earliest sunset is at 06: 20pm on August 1st, and the latest sunset is at 6:50pm on August 31st.

Tips on Travel to Tibet in August

August is the peak month of tourist season in Tibet. Tibet is swarmed with additional traveler groups made of students because of the summer holiday starting from July and ending by the end of August. Be prepared for elevated hotel rates and heavy crowds in large towns such as Lhasa, Shigatse and Nyingchi. If you are planning to travel at this time, you’d refer to the details as follows.

  1. Book hotels well in advance. The price variation for a standard room between peak season and off-season can be 30%. For solo travelers who’re after budget friendly accommodation, many hostel backpackers can be found on, or
  2. Travel to Tibet by train or by air can both come with higher price. We suggest you make reservation of train tickets one month in advance and book train tickets in March, when most airlines provide early bird discount tickets.
  3. Packing essential in August is light weight umbrella, rain coat, waterproof coat, water-resistant shoes, and water proof cover for electrics.

Festivals in Tibet in August?

Tibet is never devoid of festivals. They worship the deities, the holy mountains and lakes, and commemorate their Buddhas through holding rituals and ceremonies. Through the long history of religious development, and the modernity, the festivities have been drawing new vitality.

Nagqu Horse Racing Festival

Nagqu Horse Racing Festival is annual held on August 10th. It is the most grandeur festival in the northern Tibet Plateau. Summer is the golden growing time for the grasslands of Tibet. Tibetan nomads travel from various Tibetan-inhabited regions, Central Tibet, Kham Tibet and Amdo Tibet, to gather around in Nagqu and attend the exclusive horse racing competition and horsemanship performances.

Nagqu Horse Racing Festival
Nagqu Horse Racing Festival

Chokor Duchen

Chokor Duchen is an important religious festival. It is on the fourth day of June according to Tibetan calendar. In 2019, it will fall on August 4th according to solar calendar. Tibetan people value this day because Shakyamuni Buddha gave the sermon to the four servants for the first time, and taught the four truths. Therefore, it is also named as Buddha’s Sermon Festival.

It is said that on the 49th day of Shakyamuni’s enlightenment, he made the preaching of Buddha doctrines to his five servants at Sarnath in India. In the Buddhism History, this act of teaching is referred by Buddhists as the First Turning of Wheel of Dharma. 

Tradition of Chokor Duchen is that people would do the pilgrimage journey around the mountain or monastery nearby to do prostration and invocations, to prayer for the blessing from the Buddhas. And then they would have picnic in the wilderness, drink, sing and dance.

Shoton Festival is one of the largest and prestigious festivals in Tibet. It is celebrated from June 29 to July 1 in Tibetan calendar, which in 2019 will fall on August 29, August 30 and August 31, according to solar calendar. It is related to the religious regulations of Gelug Sect. of Tibetan Buddhism, that in order not to kill any living beings including insects, during June 15 to June 30 of Tibetan calendar, all lamas in all monasteries were forbidden to go out. After June 30, when lamas got descent the mountains, peasants and herdsmen would offer yoghurt to them as reverence. Since then, this custom has become Shoton Festival.

Nowadays, Tibetan operas and Unveiling of Buddha images are the two most important parts of Shoton Festival. It gives this festival other names as Unveiling Festival of Buddha, and Tibetan Opera Festival. It has also been listed as National Intangible Culture Relics in 2006.

Buddha Unveiling at Drepung Monastery during Shoton Festival
Buddha Unveiling at Drepung Monastery during Shoton Festival

Recommendations for Where to Visit in August

Your heart or your body will honestly tell you where your destination in Tibet should be. The mild and temperature August seemingly helps you to approach it more weather pleasantly. You can have a tranquil time at a lakeshore at Yamdrok, or Namtso by taking a day trip from Lhasa. You can go further to cross through Tibet from the central part to the southwest to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. Though to visit peak such as Mount Everest and Mount Namcha Barwa is not the most ideal option because of the potential misty and foggy weather, you can still get there to see the less perfect yet unique peaks.

Recommended Tibet tours inAugust:

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6 Days Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Tour

8 Days Lhasa & Everest Base Camp Tour

15 Days Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage Tour

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