Travel to Tibet in November

Travel to Tibet in November

Tibet Weather in November

Temperature in Major Cities of Tibet in the four-month Winter
City and Month Lhasa Shigatse Tsedang Nyingchi
High Low High Low High Low High Low
November 11.6 -5 10.7 -8 12.4 -4.1 21.9 -0.7
December 7.7 -9.1 7 -12.3 8.7 -7.9 9.6 -4.5
January 6.8 -10.2 5.7 -13.1 7.6 -9 7.9 -5.3
February 9.2 -6.9 8 -9.5 9.9 -5.9 9.8 -2.7

November is the first month of Tibet’s wind season and four-month long winter. It’s getting windy and cold, especially early in the morning or late at night, when the temperature drops to below zero in entire Tibet. The warmest area has the average low at 0.7 degree Celsius below zero, which is in and around Nyingchi. This is also one of the aridest month when there is nearly no rainfall at all or just averages above 0mm.

The Warmest Month in the Off-season

In Tibet, winter starts from November and lasts till the end of March. The four winter months are the off-season of Tibet travel, among which, compared with the following three months, November is a good time for travelers who can be daunted by severe cold or harsh wind. As February sees the strongest wind in Tibet and the temperatures in December and January are around 5 degrees Celsius lower than that in November. Thus, travel to Tibet in November is a weather-wise choice to make, if your schedule happens to be in winter.

Yamdrok Lake in November
Yamdrok Lake in November

Another reason that makes travel to Tibet in November great is that you can save your expenses by almost 40% in comparison with that in peak season. The cost on accommodation can be 50% cheaper compared with that in peak months (July to August). Thanks to the preferential policy for winter travel in Tibet, scenic spots of 3A level or above, are free from entrance fees, with only monasteries and temples as exception. And the scarcity of available train tickets into Lhasa will not be a problem in this quiet month. You are very likely to be able to book your train tickets to Lhasa on your own and just pay at the original price, while in peak months, you may have to get help from a ticket agent or travel agency by paying a certain amount of booking service fee.

Good Time to have a Relaxing Culture Tour

Less crowded cultural attractions in November now have the serenity back. You can now admire the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple at ease, get immersed in the old Tibet architect and the religious atmosphere swirling around. Without hustle and bustle, you can set your mind concentrated on the knowledge your guide is to share with you.

Pilgrims outside Jokhang Temple
Pilgrims outside Jokhang Temple

Lhasa Yamdrok Gyantse Shigatse Tour

Either beautiful culture, religion or pure nature landscape can be life inspiration. Tibet is so charming that attracts travelers from the other end of globe. This is a land with wonders in every season. Atypical though are the four seasons here, Tibet can provide you with the generosity of feasts of sights, sound and smells.

To have a healing connection with the sacred lake Yamdrok and extend your footprints to the second largest city Shigatse via the heroic town Gyantse can unveil the authentic image of Tibet to you. Lhasa Yamdrok Gyantse Shigatse Tour is a classical 6-day tour, containing the beauty of nature, human, architect and culture, which is also a golden route of Tibet travel.

Start Tibet Trip in Lhasa

With an altitude of 3,650m, the capital city of Tibet, Lhasa, is relatively less physically challenged for most new comers. It is wise to have a good two or three days in Lhasa to admire the holy city whist acclimatize the altitude, before heading to the highest mountain Everest or the holiest mountain Kailash. The tricky part of Lhasa tour usually lies in touring the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple, the most popular attractions in Lhasa. Needless to mention how popular and busy they are. Thus, you’ll feel relieved to have the culture tour in November because the quiet season has seen off many tourists.  

Lhasa to Yamdrok: The first attraction after Lhasa is the sacred lake Yamdrok (4,700m), which is around 100 kilometers south of Lhasa. After a two-and-a-half-hour ride, you’ll get to see the elegant lake Yamdrok. Normally it starts to partially freeze since mid-December. In November, you’ll still see the lake with softly running ripple. It might be a little windy and make you feel shivering cold at the lakefront as November is the beginning month of Tibet wind season. A beanie and scarf set adding to wind-proof coat can be helpful, given that head contain 9% of human body heat.

Travel to Gyantse and Shigatse after Yamdrok:It is 89 kilometers from Lake Yamdrok to the “hero town” Gyantse (4,040m). The highlight of Gyantse tourism is the renowned religious complex, Gyantse Kumbum, which is also named “Ten Thousand Stupas”. You’ll have abundant time to appreciate this mighty and delicate stupa complex. After a day trip in Gyantse, the next highlight of this route is Tashilhunpo Monastery, in Shigatse City (3,860m), where the spiritual leader Panchen Lama has taken as residence for many generations. And then the Brahmaputra River will keep you accompanied all the way back to Lhasa.

Gyantse Kumbum
Gyantse Kumbum

Mount Everest in November

The temperature of November averages from -14℃ to 7℃ in Mount Everest area, according to historical data. With almost none rainfall, clear days dominate the calendar of November. This is the only month of Tibet’s winter that we could recommend visiting. It feels very cold in the early morning and late evening. But if you have wrapped yourself warm enough, it’s a good time to sightsee at Mount Everest because of the high chance of clear views.

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