Tibet Weather in July

The Weather Conditions of Tibet in July

July is expected to bring the most rainfall to Tibet. Usually, July and August contribute 80% of the annual precipitation of Tibet. What makes the rainy season of Tibet particularly special is that most of the rains happen at nighttime.

July is also the warmest month of Tibet. The average high temperature is around 20.3°C, and the average low temperature hovers around 6.5°C. Basically, the low temperature in July that you need to be cautious about exists in the mountain areas where there is a higher elevation. And the two coldest regions, Ngari and Nagqu, have average low temperatures of only single digits. Apart from these exceptions, most of Tibet is warm and pleasant in July.

Potala Palace
Potala Palace

In July, the humidity in Tibet averages at 55.1%, which is an ideal figure for sustaining human body comfort. Generally speaking, humidity that is lower than 25% would make people feel very dry, and humidity over 60% can be a little too moist. That’s why we can say that Tibet is comfortably humid in July.

Besides the above, in July, the wind in Tibet is also relatively mild compared to the months of the windy season (November to April).

In conclusion, July is a great time to travel to Tibet because of its weather, and how it becomes one of the several peak months of Tibet travel.

Past Weather Data of Tibet in July

Cities/Data Lhasa Shigatse Nyingchi Shannan Nagqu Ngari Chamdo
Ave. High 22°C 20°C 22°C 23°C 16°C 21°C Not open for foreign tourists
Ave. Low 10°C 7°C 12°C 11°C 4°C 7°C
Precipitation 125mm 89mm 134mm 115mm 104mm 22mm
Humidity 51% 59% 70% 56% 62% 33%
Sunrise(July 1st) 6:58AM 7:08AM 6:45AM 6:57AM 6:50AM 7:35AM
Sunset(July 1st) 8:59PM 9:08PM 8:46PM 8:56PM 9:00PM 9:51PM
Length of Day(July 1st) 14h01m 13h59m 14h01m 13h59m 14h10m 14h15m

Note: The data about Shannan weather is collected from Tsetang (pingyin:Zedang) Town; The data about Nagqu weather is collected from Xainza (pingyin: Shenzha) Town; The data about Ngari weather is collected from Shiquanhe Town.

Disclaimer: The above information is collected from past weather data, mainly from 2018 or 2019. A different weather pattern may occur in the future.

Weather-based Tips for Tibet Travel in July

  1. To deal with the potential of rain, light rain gear like umbrellas, raincoats, waterproof shoe covers and waterproof bags for electronic devices (such as cameras, phones, power banks) are wise to pack.
  2. To cope with the strong UV radiation, you can prepare the following: a physical barrier for your skin and eyes, such as sunglasses, sun hat, neckerchief, sunscreen shirt, etc.; sun cream, and sunscreen for preventing your skin from getting burnt or tanned.
  3. Cycling or trekking is good in July because the weather is in its warmest season. But it is better to avoid camping because of the frequent rains at night.
  4.  What to wear while traveling in Tibet in July? During the daytime, in Lhasa and other regions with similar weather (such as Shigatse, Nyingchi, Shannan), short-sleeved or long-sleeved T-shirts, plus light autumn jackets are suitable clothes to wear. In some remote areas, such as Mount Everest or Mount Kailash, or at mountain passes (windier than the lower places), a lightweight down coat is necessary. In addition, a beanie, scarf or neckerchief can help you keep warm and be stylish pieces for you to wear as well.

Sera Monastery
Sera Monastery

A Few Tips for Saving Your Budget in July

As July is in the peak season of Tibet travel, most of the different travel expenses increase in cost. These include flight fares, accommodation costs, car expenses, entrance fees, etc. It is inevitable that tourists who travel in July would have to spend around 30% more than in the winter or early spring. To save on the budget for your Tibet trip in July, you could do the following:

1.Book a group tour or customized private tour with a travel agency approximately 3 months in advance because you’re likely going to have the early bird discount if you make a reservation in advance.

2.Many domestic airlines offer discounted flight tickets in March and April. Try to nail down your flights during these months, and you could save a big amount of money.

3.The train ticket fares remain the same all year round. In July, the demand for tickets may lead to a failure in getting one. To avoid this nuisance, we can help with train ticket booking by arranging for a professional ticket agent to purchase your tickets for you. That way, you’d be unlikely to miss your starting date of the tour.

4. Hotels can be booked in July. Having your tour booked ahead of time can help you ensure that you won’t need to pay extra for the last-minute booking of the accommodation.

What to Expect in July?

Great Time to See Tibet’s Stunning Lakes

#1 Sacred Lake—Yamdrok Lake

Within easy reach from Lhasa, a two-hour drive will take you to Yamdrok Lake from Lhasa. July has changed the surrounding landscape of Yamdrok Lake. The land in the near region puts on a luxuriant green coat and gets decorated by the golden yellow of blooming rape flowers. No matter if you’re looking at Yamdrok Lake from an overhead view or approaching her at the lakeshore, she presents a soft and modest beauty which is soul-soothing and inspirational.

Yamdrok Lake
Yamdrok Lake

#2 Sacred Lake—Namtso Lake

Located in Nagqu, one of the coldest regions in Tibet, Namtso Lake is great to visit in July. Normally, tourists arrive at the lakefront at noon or in the early afternoon, when the temperature reaches the daily high. Travellers can appreciate the magnificent lake view in July without being frozen by the frigidity in winter and spring months.

#3 Sacred Lake—Lake Manasarovar

Located in Ngari, the most remote region in Tibet, Lake Manasarovar is less popular among tourists but more visited by pilgrims. Since it is less than 100 kilometers away from Mount Kailash, which is suitable to visit in July, Lake Manasarovar is great for inclusion in your trekking tour at Mount Kailash in July.

Besides the above three sacred lakes, Tibet has enormous vast lakes and teeny lakelets. All of them are unique and pretty, and many have mysterious stories connected to them. To get more information about the lakes in Tibet, you can read our two articles below:

Lakes in Central Tibet 

Lakes in Amdo and Kham Tibetan Areas

Good Time to Visit Mount Everest and Mount Kailash

July has the highest chance of rainfall in Tibet, which is usually not wanted when you’re on vacation. In comparison with May, June and September, July has more rainy days too. The highest peaks that you’re dreaming to see are possibly surrounded by fog or mist. But sometimes with a little patient waiting, the peaks unveil themselves. Since it is the warmest month, traveling to the mountain areas in July is the best choice for people who dread coldness. And please think about the rainbows (double rainbows or even triple rainbows are not rare things in Tibet) because they reward gifts from the rain. You’ll definitely feel very welcome by this hospitable land.

Wonderful Time to Discover Tibet’s Gorgeous Plants

July wakes up enormous flowers in Tibet, especially in the warm and moist regions like Nyingchi and Shannan. It has also brought the floral back to life in the frigid and arid regions, such as in Ngari. If you’re a plant lover or a flower fanatic, July is a wonderful time to explore the rough and pretty indigenous plants of Tibet. While searching for the following names with abundant plants, you may have your own floral map drawn and be able to visit them in person: Shergyla Mountain (in Nyingchi), Lulang Forest (in Nyingchi), Mount Namcha Barwa (in Nyingchi) and Lebu Valley (in Shannan).

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