Tibet Weather in November

What's the Weather Like in Tibet in November?

The Temperature in General: The average high temperature in the daytime for November is only a single digit: 8.5°C/47.5°F; and in the nighttime and early morning, the average low falls to -7.7°C/18.14°F. The temperature continues dropping while going into December and January.

Wind/Humidity/Snowfall/Visibility: November also sees the official start of the wind season in Tibet, bringing the average humidity down to 29%. Cloudy and overcast days become less and days tend to be clear and sunny in the central parts of Tibet, such as Lhasa, Shannan, Shigatse, and Nyingchi. In the rest two coldest regions of Ngari and Nagqu, heavy snowfalls are more frequently going to happen, making the road conditions icy and resulting in low visibility.

It is that time of year when you can hear your inner voice murmuring “winter is coming,” especially when the day gets darker and you have this real feeling of coldness. This also signifies the beginning of the quiet season of Tibet travel.

Tibet Weather in November-Past Weather Data

Cities/Data Lhasa Shigatse Nyingchi Shannan Nagqu Ngari Chamdo
Ave. High 12°C 10°C 13°C 13°C 2°C 2°C Not open for foreign tourists
Ave. Low -4°C -8°C -1°C -3°C -15°C -15°C
Precipitation 1mm 1mm 5mm 1mm 4mm 0mm
Humidity 24% 21% 49% 24% 39% 19%
Sunrise (Nov 1st) 8:08AM 8:17AM 7:55AM 8:05AM 8:07AM 8:56AM
Sunset (Nov 1st) 7:09PM 7:19PM 6:56PM 7:07PM 7:03PM 7:49PM
Length of Day(Nov 1st) 11h 11h01m 11h 11h02m 10h56m 10h53m

The data about Shannan weather is collected from Tsetang (pingyin:Zedang) Town;
The data about Nagqu weather is collected from Xainza (pingyin: Shenzha) Town;
The data about Ngari weather is collected from Shiquanhe Town.

The above information is collected from past weather data mainly from 2018 or 2019. A differing weather pattern may occur in the future.

Packing Essential for November: Anything vital for physical health and body comfort on the highest plateau should be your priority on your packing list. You need to consider taking warm clothing, skincare products with hydrating functions, and your commonly used medicines to cope with the cold, altitude sickness, etc.

  1. Since November is not only cold but also windy, to have a windproof jacket or winter down coat is a smart choice for late day and nighttime conditions.
  2. As 80% of your body heat runs off from your head, a hat/beanie or other warming headwear can help a lot with keeping your body appropriately warm.

Extra Little Things: Most things that are necessary, but unfortunately get missed by you, can be purchased in Tibet. Generally speaking, you may spend more time indoors due to the shortened daytime in winter. You may consider:

  1. A kindle or light book that you truly adore could keep you company and inspire you in a different way through reading.
  2. A diary or journal that you can use to write down your experiences and thoughts. Small-sized and lightweight souvenirs from your hometown that can be sent to the friends you may make during your journey as your thanksgiving gifts can also be packed.
  3. A PS4 or Switch if you fancy some game time after a nice bath in your cozy hotel room.

Tibet Travel Guide for November

As hazardous weather is more often to happen in the Ngari and Nagqu regions during the winter months from November to March, we don’t recommend our guests to travel to Mount Everest, Mount Kailash and Namtso Lake during this period. Except for some easy hikes around the city area, outdoor activities are not suitable for most newcomers who’ve had no experience before in the high plateau in November.

However, as the first month of the quiet season, November is great for having a quality time as a winter hideaway. You can take your time to admire the grandeur of the Potala Palace along with other cultural and historical attractions in Lhasa, Shannan or Shigatse. You can also travel to Nyingchi to see its beautiful autumn-colored forests, meadows, the Yarlung Tsangpo Great Canyon and the Mount Namcha Barwa in their characterized autumn weather.

Samye Monastery in Shannan
Samye Monastery in Shannan

Note: Travelling to Tibet in November for cultural purposes is also a budget-saving move because of the Winter Preferential Policy for Tibet Travel, which cuts off almost half the cost on the entrance fees of most attractions.

November is Great for Birdwatching in Tibet

Lhasa City Area: Norbulingka, Dzongyab Lukhang Park, Lhasa River, Sera Monastery and Lalu Wetland.

From November to April, two representative bird species, Bar-headed Goose and Black-necked Crane, migrate to the warm river valleys in Lhasa and around to spend their winter. A kind of parrot with purple breast (scientific name: Psittacula derbiana), who’s indigenous to the southeast of Tibet, used to be kept as pet bird in Norbulingka, has now formed a large flock, often spotted flying across the sky in Lhasa. There are about 130 bird species spending their winter in Lhasa, among which 62 species have been recorded in Lalu Wetland. However, Lalu Wetland is not open for tourists though it is available to be observed from Baerku Village. Besides the birds mentioned above, you can also find the Oriental turtle dove, thrush, Ruddy shelduck, Brown-headed gull, lark, skylark, and Felica atra in the city area.

Black-necked Cranes
Black-necked Cranes

Linzhou County Area: Linzhou County is under the jurisdiction of Lhasa City, located in the upper reach of Lhasa River, and only 65 kilometers away from downtown Lhasa. In 1993, the Black-necked Crane Nature Reserve was set up for protecting this National-level protected bird, which is also the only bird species growing and reproducing on the Tibetan Plateau. Black-necked Crane is the symbol of holiness and auspiciousness for the Tibetan people. This reserve covers a broad area of 960 square kilometers, a grand range that makes it an ideal habitat for migratory birds. Apart from Black-necked Crane, you can also find the Great-crested Grebe, Robin Accentor, Bar-headed Goose, Anas Platyrhynchos (Common name: mallard), fish gull, cormorant, Golden Eagle, saker, etc.

Other Places for Birdwatching: Kajiu Monastery in Shannan, Namtso Lake, Gyirong Valley, Nyingchi. Bird species like the Spotted nutcracker, Giant Laughingthrush, Black-faced Laughingthrush, White-browed Fulvetta, Treecreeper, Olive-backed Pipit, Rosefinch, Himalayan Monal, and Snow Pigeon can be observed in these areas.

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