Tsedang Weather, Tsedang Climate

Tsedang features Alpine Climate. Similar with the majority of Tibet, Tsedang Climate is defined by big daily temperature range and small annual temperature range. Tsedang climate also shows clear dry season (October to May) and wet season (June to September). The annual sunshine duration is around 3,000 hours. Wind season is from December to March.

Average Weather of Tsedang

The average annual temperature of Tsedang is 9.0℃; The average annual high is 16℃ and the average annual low is 2℃.

The historically highest temperature is 30℃ which happened in 1987, while the lowest ever is -18℃, which occurred in 1983.

The annual precipitation is 397 mm.

Past weather data in Tsedang from 2011 to 2019

Weather Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Average high(℃) 8 10 13 17 20 23 23 22 21 18 13 9
Average low(℃) -8 -5 -2 2 6 10 11 10 8 3 -3 -7
Extreme high(℃) 21 21 25 26 29 30 30 29 27 25 22 19
Extreme low(℃) -18 -14 -12 -8 -4 1 2 1 -1 -8 -12 -16
Precipitation (mm) 0 1 4 11 26 61 115 114 56 8 1 0

What are the four seasons like in Tsedang?

Spring: The average low temperature is 2℃, the average high is 17℃; The average rainfall amount in spring is 41 mm. Tsedang is a rich farm land in Tibet. Spring ploughing is very important here. If you're agriculture enthusiast, you shall not miss out the Spring Ploughing Festival and witness the authentic rituals done in the farm fields.

Summer: The average low and high temperature in summer is 10℃ and 23℃ respectively. The average precipitation is 290 mm. This is the time when verdant farm fields decorate the flat areas if you go up a mountain and have an overlook. July is a great time to appreciate the golden blanket made of blooming rape flowers. August is often when Ongkor Festival is held in Tsedang, which is a traditional agricultural festival to celebrate harvest.

Autumn: The average low and high temperature in summer is 3℃ and 17℃ respectively. The average precipitation is 65 mm. With higher possibility of clear days, and the short interval before the wind season, autumn provides stable and calm weather for all outdoor activities. The color of corps and trees turn into fascinating gold, orange and red.

Winter: The average low and high temperature in summer is -7℃ and 9℃ respectively. The average precipitation is 0 mm. Winter is not as cold as it seems to be here, especially in the daytime. Bathing in the alpine sunshine here, it's pleasantly warm in winter.

Tsedang is a Place of Peace and Bliss

With similar altitude and climate of Lhasa, Tsedang is also a great place to get acclimatized before visiting places with higher elevations, such as Mount Everest or Namtso Lake. Tsedang is also beautiful and charismatic in itself for being home to many an oldest historical site in Tibet and the place where Tibet's nomadism civilization was firstly fused with agriculture civilization. Culture trip is the main trip type here in Tsedang. Therefore, it is a destination suitable to travel for four seasons.

Since almost all monasteries, temples, palaces in Tsedang are also sitting on mountains or hills, travelers also get to do some easy hiking or trekking while enjoying the connection with the mysterious history. Compared to Lhasa and Shigatse, Tsedang is a little bit remoter, hence a great place for those seeking serenity and solitude to meditate or explore on their own.

Yumbulakang Palace in Tsedang  
Yumbulakang Palace in Tsedang

Advice on what to wear and pack for a Tsedang Trip

  • Warm clothing is packing essential for all seasons in Tsedang. Mountain jacket which is fleece lined, or a proper down coat are both helpful here in the early morning and nighttime even in summer months.
  • Considering the drastically big daily temperature difference, dressing in layers is wise as you might need to remove a few at noon.
  • A pair of good walking shoes are also must-have outdoor equipment.
  • To protect eyes and skin from harm of strong UV is also important all the time here. Therefore, sun hat, sunglasses, sunblock, neckerchief, scarf or shawl, long-sleeved shirts (in summer) are all necessary stuff.
  • To cope with the dryness, skin-moisturizers, lip balm, bottled water are also vital.

Warm reminder: Tsedang is reputable for the local specialty-Pulu, which is made of Tibeten woolen fabric. Pulu is the most typical type of the traditional fabric in Tibet.

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